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Steve Mason

Monkey Minds In the Devil's Time CD

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Release Date: 13/03/2013

Discs: 1

Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time is an album shaped by the political climate in which it was written, a period in which Mason bemoaned the sterile nature of popular culture's attitude to politics. This attitude is made abundantly clear in the music's confrontational nature.


1. The Old Problem
2. Lie Awake
3. Flyover '98
4. A Lot Of Love
5. The Last of the Heroes
6. Lonely
7. Safe Population
8. Friends For Evermore
9. Seen It All Before
10. From Hate We Hope
11. Oh My Lord
12. Goodbye Youth
13. Never Be Alone
14. Behind the Curtains
15. More Money, More Fire
16. Fire!
17. Operation Mason
18. Fight Them Back
19. Towers of Power
20. Come To Me